Pvc Sports Flooring

While PVC floors are used in many areas, they are also seen in the field of sports. PVC floors can be produced according to color and design as desired. Although it is known by everyone that the price of PVC products is advantageous, this situation does not change in PVC floors. IZOLSPORTS provides the most suitable and advantageous price for the quality of the material it uses and the average of the floor to be coated with PVC

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Since generally preferred color is wood color, wooden colored PVC floors can be more affordable. You can play basketball, volleyball, handball and many other sports on PVC floors. PVC is an artificial material produced from petroleum. This plastic and synthetic material is very durable and has a long service life. It does not cause any danger or deterioration as it is not affected by hot factors such as hot, cold, fire and sun. In addition to its durability, PVC floors with an aesthetic appearance are the number one product to be preferred. If you are going to build a PVC floor, it is recommended to work with a good company, a brand that does not compromise on quality and a company that will not disrupt your work. IZOLSPORTS complies with these features, and customer satisfaction and product quality are always the priority. IZOLSPORTS offers a great opportunity with its many designs and colors in PVC floors.

Because it is an artificial material, PVC wooded colored floors are more durable than other natural wooden floors. Highly resistant to weather or water and waterproof. It does not accumulate bacteria and is at the forefront of hygiene and is very simple to clean.

  • It is not possible for the PVC coating to be affected by any contact with the liquid and not to swell.
  • PVC is a material that is encountered in every area of ​​our lives and it is a product that is suitable not only for sports grounds but also for the areas other than sports.
  • Because the image is very elegant and aesthetic, you can use it on any floor you want to beautify.
  • PVC floors, which are not affected by liquid as well as heat and fire, can be used due to the fact that they do not make any burning.
  • Environmentally friendly and has no harm to health.
  • It does not get any effect as a result of contact with water and does not make moisture and has a moldless structure.

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