Acrylic Sport Floorings

It is very important to have more time and more flexibility and softness on the floors where we spend time, play sports and play our children. If the sports floor is not soft, there may be long-term disabilities in any fall. At the same time, the places where our children play are important in this respect.

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Sports Flooring Systems

Acrylic floors have a soft structure and are highly preferred. Acrylic floors do not pose any problems to athletes and also are safe. It is suitable not only for sports but also for walking paths, cycling routes.

Acrylic floor has an aesthetic appearance that is designed in your desired designs. At the same time, the weather resistant acrylic floors do not keep water and do not cause any slip problems. It is a hygienic product that is very easy to clean. This type of surface that will be with you for many years, and it is resistant to chemicals and heat.

Acrylic sport floorings are applied to the upper part of the concrete with asphalt and primer. These floors, which are 2-3 millimeters thick, can be applied on roll and rubber floors.

The advantage of installing this floor is flexibility and shock absorption. At the final stage of the completion of the floor, it is finished with paint and is suitable for use. Acrylic floors are often used in outdoor sports areas. Other than that, it is possible to find acrylic floors in areas such as basketball, volleyball, handball courts, tennis courts, walking areas, athletics tracks, bicycle paths. These floors provide you with the utmost confidence in terms of health. Of course, it is very difficult to make a decision among acrylic floor manufacturers. Many options can push you. However, the most important option to consider when choosing is quality. IZOLSPORST has always attracted attention with its quality products and has succeeded in revealing its difference among the preferred ones.

IZOLSPORTS products, besides quality, also offered many options in terms of design and color.

The longer the acrylic floors are used, the more it is relevant to the quality of the products used by your preferred manufacturer. IZOLSPORTS is very confident about the quality of the products it uses and it takes its feedback well. It provides a happy purchase with technical support and guarantee when there is a problem with the products.

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