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We specialize in artificial grass manufacturing for both sports and landscaping with the latest technology. With more than 15 years of focused development, Izolsports have served international clients worldwide.

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Artificial Grass Prices

You probably heard about many times about artificial grass and most probably thought that you can’t  afford synthetic turf prices. As a matter fact, it is affordable with Integral grass. It is not as expensive as you think.

First, find the area that you want to cover with artificial turf for the purpose of sports activity or decoration, such as in your garden.

Sports surfaces include football, basketball, volleyball, handball, and tennis.

Decoration surfaces include garden, patios, pool sides, and any place that you want to see green.

Are you tired of maintaining natural grass, try artificial grass because it is maintenance free. Synthetic turf prices are not really expensive.

Secondly, get the sub base ready by either compacting the ground, or laying concrete or asphalt. Integral grass will help you with all the technical details of sub base preparation. The may also be gravel type, compacting with heavy cylinder machinery will suffice in order to obtain a hard surface.

Thirdly, synthetic turf rolls is laid side by side, and joint with joint tape and glue. And, finally, depending on the synthetic grass system features, sand and/or granule are laid and brushed thoroughly. In some cases, the grass is non-fill type. So, there is no sand and granule installation after laying down the grass.

If it is a sports field, the field lines are made according to the sports type to be played on the surface. Call Integral grass to learn all about sub base types, synthetic grass types, and installation techniques. I hope this information is useful enough to have an idea about artificial grass.


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