Mini Football Pitch Construction

Firstly, the ground is excavated and leveled. The canals is excavated for place mould of concrete bound. The beam  contain 8 to 12 iron bars. To evacuate the water off the ground, we  put the tubes in depth of 30 cm and The distance and place enough slope are very important things in this stage. After that we set   3 inches  anchorage pipes vertically in the boundary. BS 20 concrete is filled into the moulds. After that, all surface will be filled with gravel.

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Mini Football Pitch installation

Second Stage : Wire Fencing and  Nets Iron poles are soldered anchor tubes that is placed to the limit. Reinforcement bars will be soldered diagonally to the horizontal tubes at all corners.  The poles also will be strengthened by further poles. To strengthen the sides, transverse pipes is soldered to the side bars and the bars at the back of the goal posts.  After that we will install lighting lamps to the lateral sides of field with stairs and we start installation of entrance door and goal posts. We paint each iron equipments. Then  we cover the field and goal posts with polyamide net. Finally we set up lightning lamps and other electrical materials.
  • Last Stage : Mini Football Pitch Construction

Firstly, we cover up gravelled area with the felt. Artificial grass will be spread on the surface already covered with felt. Artificial grass carpets  will be glued by polyester  tape by using special adhesives. The adhesives used are  double component polyurethane adhesives. After that we dump silica sand to the grass and finally the field is filled with the black granules  or colored EPDM.

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